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Simplified expense reporting for startups and tech companies

Expensify automates the entire expense reporting process so you can focus on the next big thing, without sacrificing the financial visibility you need.

Built for busy teams on-the-go

SmartScan the receipt, and Expensify will code and report the expense. Expensify saves your team time by automating the tedious, manual work.

Pricing based on activity – never seats

Each startup is different and we know that usage varies between teams. Flexible billing options gives you control over how Expensify adapts to your changing needs.

Accounting integrations at no additional cost

Seamless integrations with the industry’s top accounting software means your data is always in sync, in realtime.

As scalable as your startup

With features like corporate card reconciliation, to integrations with ERP systems, companies of all sizes depend on Expensify for automated expenses.

Do people still use paper to track expenses? Ditch the spreadsheet and join the present with Expensify!

Learn how Vend utilized Expensify's automated features to make the expense reporting process easier than ever.

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Expensify is the easiest way for employees to track their receipts without having too much added to their plate.

Learn how Roadtrippers utilized Expensify's QuickBooks integration to make the expense reporting process easier than ever.

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The World's Smartest Companies use Expensify

Big and small, organizations of all shapes and sizes rely on Expensify to automate their expenses.

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