Press Kit

Hello there, welcome to Expensify’s press kit! Before downloading our brand assets, please familiarize yourself with our guidelines and best practices. We love what we’ve created, so please don’t modify the logo in any way — that includes changing the colors, rotating the icons, moving the icons, adding text, etc. If there’s a version of our logo you need but don’t see, please reach out to with your request.

Primary Logo

Our horizontal logo is the primary Expensify logo. This is the preferred logo to use in print or online when listing Expensify as a partner/sponsor or in content.

App Icon

Our square logo is Expensify’s app icon. This is the preferred logo to use online in partner listings, as an avatar image, or for the mobile app.

Clear Space

The spacing around our logo should be the same width and height of the colored blocks in the logo. Regardless the size, this clear space helps keep our logo from feeling cluttered. No additional artwork should be present within the boundaries provided.

Brand Colors

Our primary brand colors are the colors found in our logo.










Secondary colors, though used sparingly, are bright and vibrant just like the people that work at Expensify.




PR Assets

The following assets can be used to accompany press releases, announcements, and more.

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