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Streamlined receipt tracking and expense management for you and your clients

From Top 10 firms to independent bookkeepers, the ExpensifyApproved! program offers discounts, training, and white glove support to help you manage your clients’ receipts and expenses with Expensify.

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Why become an ExpensifyApproved! partner?

Thirty-five percent of Top 20 accounting firms already partner with Expensify. Why should you?

Perks of Partnership:

  • Generous discounts for you and your clients
  • Training and onboarding resources
  • Expedited support
  • Central dashboard to manage all of your clients’ receipts and expenses
  • Co-branded marketing materials
  • Exclusive networking opportunities such as ExpensiCon, an invite-only retreat in Bora Bora for top partners

Businesses that adopt Expensify see a 598% return on their investment.

— Forrester Economic Impact Report, 2017 Find Out How

Benefits for Your Clients

Tired of chasing down clients' receipts every month? Wow your clients with Expensify's mobile app that makes receipt tracking and reimbursement easy and quick.

One-click receipt capture

Clients just snap a photo of each receipt when an expense is incurred, and the expense report is done!

Next-day reimbursement

Set up your clients to reimburse their employees automatically with Expensify’s ACH direct deposit.

Easy-to-use mobile app

No more spreadsheets, no more lost receipts, and no more manual data entry. Expensify’s mobile app makes it easy for your clients to track receipts on-the-go and submit expense reports on time.

Best-in-breed automation

Why waste your clients’ time with spreadsheets when expense reports can be automatically submitted, approved, and reimbursed? Spend time running the business and let expense management take care of itself.

Expensify is a trusted partner of the AICPA and


Trusted by accountants and loved by clients

Practices big and small use Expensify to close the books on expense reporting agony.

We’re able to connect on a deeper level with clients now that we have Expensify in common. We share personal stories about saving time with the Expensify app and then offer clients high-level advice on workflow automation.

Learn why Kaufman Rossin upgraded to Expensify and how automating expense management at your firm leads to more productive client relationships.

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Expensify not only has a great QuickBooks integration, but their web and mobile apps are intuitive and easy to set up, which makes it super easy to recommend to our clients.

Learn how GrowthForce takes advantage of being a partner in Expensify's Approved! Accountant Program

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Expensify syncs seamlessly with QuickBooks, supports our web-based, paperless workflow, and offers internal controls, so it was the natural choice.

Learn why Laura Redmond of QBO Pro trusts Expensify for all of her clients' needs.

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Implementing a system that removes data entry and paper can save clients up to 50% of their time each month! Needless to say, our customers love it and so do we.

Learn how HPC uses Expensify's Xero integration to make their clients’ expense reporting process easier than ever.

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