Applicant Reimbursement

Impress candidates with Expensify

Automatically reimburse candidates with Expensify, so they can focus on the interview and you can focus on your pipeline.

How It Works

Set expense types, limits, and receipt requirements

No matter how unique your policy, Expensify helps recruiters and HR professionals guide their candidates through a seamless reimbursement process.

Simplify Reimbursements

No more cutting checks and wondering when they’ll be cashed. No more back-and-forth emails between HR, Finance, and candidates. No more spreadsheets and paperwork. Simply invite candidates to join your company’s policy and Expensify will automate the entire expense management process!

Impress Applicants

Ensuring that candidates have a painless interview process is critical while they’re evaluating whether they want to join your organization. Impress them by making their interview as smooth as possible with fast and easy next-day reimbursement.

Easy to Invite

When you’re ready to schedule an interview with an applicant, just add their email to your company’s candidate policy and they’ll be invited to set up an account.

Easy-to-use Mobile App

Like any employee, candidates can use the Expensify mobile app to SmartScan their receipts as expenses incur. Expensify automatically extracts all necessary data from their receipts and tallies them up in an expense report, which you can approve and reimburse with the click of a button.

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