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The Expensify Card

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For everyone
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The world’s smartest corporate card, with the highest spend and safest limits, guarded by our industry-first daily settlement and realtime compliance features.

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The Expensify Card makes everything from swipe to settlement a breeze. Just swipe the card and your expenses are done.

Settle Up Daily

With Daily Settlement, the Expensify Card only lets your employees spend money that’s already in your bank account. You never have to worry about getting a supersized bill at the end of the month, because your organization’s finances are up-to-date, every single day.

Reduce Unapproved Expenses

The Expensify Card turns off after a certain amount of unapproved expenses have accumulated, and remains off until the cardholder submits their expenses. You’ll never have to remind employees about submitting expenses again!

Maximize eReceipt Coverage

The Expensify Card offers IRS-guaranteed eReceipts for all but the largest of purchases, which means your employees rarely need to SmartScan a receipt. Just swipe the Expensify Card, and the transactions will appear instantly in your Expensify app.

Ensure Realtime Compliance

Every time your employee swipes the Expensify Card, they’ll get a notification letting them know if they need to scan a receipt or add expense details. More often than not, the expense report is completed in just one swipe, all while continuously reconciling your expenses.

100% free

No fees, no interest, no commitments, and no personal liability.

Unbreakable Connection

The card is an extension of the Expensify app, so transactions sync immediately and reliably.

Sign up in just two clicks

Getting started is easy, and won’t affect your personal credit score.

No more waiting for reimbursement

With the Expensify Card, your money stays where it belongs: in your pocket.

The Expensify Card

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For people who hate expense reports.


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