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Automatically track receipts with Expensify

One-click receipt tracking for everyone

Whether you’re an Uber driver, fitness instructor, real estate agent, or all of the above, Expensify automates your receipt tracking to ensure a stress-free tax season and help you keep track of spend.

Automatic Receipt Scanning

Simply snap a photo of each receipt as soon as you make a purchase, then put away your phone. Patented SmartScan OCR automatically transcribes the receipt information and stores the receipt image forever. Yep, that’s right — forever.

Separate Business & Pleasure

You might feel like your job is your life, but the IRS doesn’t see it that way. Categorize expenses as business or personal to keep track of spend and ensure accurate Schedule C tax deductions.

GPS Mileage Tracking

Need to log miles in your nonstop day? Automatic GPS mileage tracking makes it easy to deduct miles spent on the road.

Automatic Credit Card Import

Sync your credit card to Expensify to keep track of what you spend on your business, even when you don’t have receipts.


The smartest companies in the world use Expensify

From freelancers to global enterprises, the smartest people in the world use Expensify to manage receipts and expenses.

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