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Simplified expense reporting for retail companies

Expensify automates the entire expense reporting process so you can focus on your customers, not on paperwork.

One-click receipt and mileage tracking

Just snap a picture of your receipt and you’re done! Expensify automatically transcribes the receipt details onto an expense report, which can be automatically submitted, approved, and reimbursed.

Automatic reimbursement, delivered the very next day

No more waiting around for the next paycheck — expenses can be reimbursed as soon as they’re approved.

Accounting integrations at no additional cost

Seamless integrations with all major accounting softwares means your data is always in sync, automatically and in realtime.

Full support for corporate cards

Centrally manage your team’s corporate cards, simplify expensing non-reimbursables, and gain realtime insight on company spend.

Before Expensify, our accountants would have to sort through hundreds of line items and process the entire report by hand. Not only was this extremely tedious, but it was completely unscalable with our rapid growth.

Learn how Philz uses Expensify's NetSuite integration to make their expense reporting process easier than ever.

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