Realtime expense reporting integrated with QuickBooks — Expensify takes care of all the details so you can take care of business.

Expenses coded to your exact preference

Customize how expenses are coded to QuickBooks expense accounts, customers/jobs, classes, locations, items, and more!

Data that's always synchronized — continuously and automatically

From new accounts in QuickBooks to expense reports in Expensify, all data is reflected in realtime.

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How It Works

Fully automated direct integration with QuickBooks

You set the policy, Expensify’s revolutionary automation will do the heavy lifting.

Realtime expense reports

Realtime ensures that employee expenses are coded accurately and submitted on time, giving admins better visibility into company financials.

Full support for corporate cards

Centrally manage your team’s corporate cards, simplify reporting non-reimbursable expenses, and gain realtime insight on company spend.

Fast, next-day ACH reimbursement

After reports are approved, employees get their money back the very next day. All data, including reimbursements, are synced automatically.

Industry-leading security

With bank level security to protect sensitive data, Expensify’s PCI and SOC1 compliance guarantees the highest level of protection for companies of all sizes.

Expensify is the easiest way for employees to track their receipts without having too much added to their plate.

Learn how Roadtippers use Expensify's QuickBooks integration to make their clients’ expense reporting process easier than ever

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