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A robust, feature-rich solution for Employees and Admins alike

Expensify takes care of all the details so you can take care of business.

Realtime Expense Reports

Corporate Cards

Flexible Travel Integrations

Direct Deposit Reimbursement

Advanced Approval Hierarchies

Applicant Reimbursement Reimbursement

PCI-compliant Security

Advanced Tax Tracking

Automatic Accounting Sync

Realtime Expense Reports

All the features you need to spend less time on expense reports.

Automatic Reporting & Submitting

Expense reports are finished with one tap. SmartScan your receipt, and Expensify will code and report the expense for you, before auto-submitting it for approval.

Automatic Approval

Your unique company policies are analyzed to determine which expenses actually need a manager’s review. The rest — like that $3 coffee — are automatically approved.

Automatic Reimbursement

As soon as reports are fully approved, our rapid reimbursement system delivers the money back in the employee's bank account the next day. They'll love you for it!

Automatic Accounting Sync

Any changes made in your accounting system – from new expense accounts to employees and departments – are automatically synced with Expensify in realtime.

Inbox & Guided Review

Visit your Inbox to see which reports need your attention, and let Guided Review point out exactly where to look.

Duplicate Expense Detection

Check cash and card expenses across all reports for potential duplicates.

More Features

Each team has a different need and every company has a unique workflow. Our comprehensive list of features supports them all.

Credit Card Import

Automatically import any expense incurred on personal or company cards.

Unlimited Expense/Receipt Upload

No limits on receipts uploaded or reports created or submitted. Even better, we’ll store it for you indefinitely.

Expense Rules

Automatically categorize and tag merchants by creating expense rules.

Auditor Access

Give auditors access to the data they need without allowing full admin permissions.

Guided Review

Quickly identify reports that need attention based on actionable notifications such as violations or warnings.

One-click Online Reimbursement

Reimburse expense reports the next day within Expensify with a single click via ACH Direct Deposit or PayPal.

Vacation Delegate

Enable Out of Office employees to temporarily delegate reports to another user for approval.

Copilot: Delegated Access

Allows employees to create and submit expenses on behalf of another user's account.

Advanced policy enforcement

Flag policy violations for review or alternatively block policy violations, ensuring 100% compliance.

Corporate Card Reconciliation

Keep your finger on the pulse of your company’s expenses with powerful on-demand reconciliation reports.

Custom Report Exports

Create a custom report suited for your company's needs with easy to use plug and play formulas.

Multi-level Tagging

Multiple levels of tags intended to help accountants track additional information at the expense line-item level.

GL Code Mapping

Import GL codes from your accounting package, including Categories, Tags, Report Fields, Users, and more, and automatically map them to expense data in Expensify.

Per Diem

Define your Per Diem rates and allow your employees to create and submit Per Diem claims.

Multi-stage Approval Workflow

Gain additional oversight of report approval by setting up custom approval-flows that fit your company’s structure.


We integrate with your identity provider by allowing seamless provision and de-provision of accounts, as well as providing a pleasant sign-in experience for employees.

Custom Business Logic

Utilize Expensify's incredibly powerful LoadingDock server to implement any possible configuration desired.


Microsoft Dynamics


Revel Systems
ScanSnap by Fujitsu

Practice Management

Practice Engine
Thomson Reuters

Expensify is a trusted partner of the AICPA and CPA.com

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