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Do you loathe expense reports, but love Expensify and free stuff? If you answered yes, then you’re going to love this contest.

Win some Free Expensify for your company by telling us how you expense it with Expensify!

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Expense It with Expensify

Your chance to win some free Expensify!

If you haven't picked up on it yet, here at Expensify, we hate expense reports. We hate sticking receipts in our pocket, hate printing out emails, hate keeping odometer logs, and hate remembering our hours. Whatever you've got, the typical method to expense it sucks. But to have an expense report that doesn't suck, expense it with Expensify!

If you have a:

Whatever it is, you can expense it with Expensify. Millions of users agree, many of whom say (no joke) that Expensify actually makes expensing receipts fun!

We’re as skeptical as anyone, so to find out the truth we’re challenging you to tell us how you expense it with Expensify! Tell us your most awful expense report horror story, and how Expensify came to save the day. Just post it anywhere we can find it (Google Plus, your blog, Twitter, Facebook page -- it has to be a public post or we can’t see it), and link to this page (http://use.expensify.com/expenseit) in your post to enter. We’ll pick the best stories to put here, and if that’s you, we’ll give you and your company a free year of Expensify!

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