Case Study


Zoona, Expensify customer since 2017.

At a Glance

Employee Count
  • 180 Employees
Favourite Expensify Features
  • Patented SmartScan OCR technology
  • Direct Xero integration
  • Simple email receipts forwarding

Saving Valuable Time With Automation

Zoona is a financial services startup helping early-stage entrepreneurs in underserved communities across Africa by providing capital, technology services, and business support. Looking to streamline their entirely manual accounting and expense management process, Zoona looked to South African-based firm, Iridium, to help switch their entire team to Expensify. The time saved on expenses freed up a huge amount of time that they were able to use to make an impact in these vulnerable communities.

“Before using Expensify, there was no integration between our payment processes and accounting software, we didn’t have a mobile app, and we were using Excel spreadsheets for data organisation,” says Robynne McMartin, Finance Manager at Zoona. “The process was manual, messy, and inefficient. Now, with the Expensify-Xero integration, our accounting team and employees save about 40 hours a month, respectively.”

Unlocking the Power of Expensify

“Zoona was using Expensify to a small degree in their African operations before we came onboard, however the efficiencies were not in place,” says Peter Magner, Director at Iridium Business Solutions. “Once we implemented the Expensify-Xero integration, Zoona was able to take full advantage of an automated expense management and accounting process. We also saw an opportunity to streamline the South African expense claim operations and rolled out Expensify across Zoona’s head office, which greatly reduced internal administration.”

Taking Control of the Expense Management Process

“Expensify has enabled Zoona to financially control and operate in both remote rural and developed urban areas, allowing a centralised control matrix to enable a decentralised operations platform,” says Robynne McMartin, Finance Manager at Zoona. “With Expensify, our people on the ground are now able to effortlessly reconcile their cash to accurately recorded expenses. The gained efficiency allows us to get back to helping our fellow entrepreneurs, which is our ultimate goal at the end of the day.”

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