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HPC, ExpensifyApproved! partner since 2014.

At a Glance

ExpensifyApproved! Silver Partner
Accounting Package
Favorite Features
  • Corporate card reconciliation
  • Easy-to-use mobile app
  • SmartScan for employees on-the-go
  • Expense categorization rules
  • Xero integration

A Business Built on Cloud Solutions

HPC's business has always revolved around tech innovation. By partnering with other cloud-based solutions that automate antiquated accounting processes, the firm not only helps its clients reduce human error, but enables them to focus on core business functions rather than wasting time with manual processes.

“Expensify makes the expense reporting process so easy, especially with their real-time integration with Xero. At HPC, we are all about creating automated, efficient, processes for our clients." - Bruce A Phillips, CPA and Founder/CEO of HPC

Finding the Best Solution

HPC Client, Mobius, on Expensify: “Before using Expensify, Xero, and HPC together, we did everything manually. Data would be missing or disorganized, and employees would hand in their expenses late each month. We finally realized our process just wasn’t working and we needed to find something else, and that's where Expensify came in." - SuzAnne Sisak, Manager of Operations at Mobius Medical Systems, LP

We had a few employees trial Expensify first, and the results were unanimous — Expensify is the best expense solution out there.

Valuable Time Saved

“Expensify saves us so much time! As an admin, the system saves me personally at least 10-12 hours a month, and our employees at least an hour per month. We’re looking at about 40-50 hours a month of time saved, which is incredible.” - SuzAnne Sisak, Manager of Operations at Mobius Medical Systems, LP .

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