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Provide secure, reliable bank connection access to customers managing receipts and expenses in Expensify

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Why become an ExpensifyApproved! partner?

Perks of Partnership:

  • Reliable, secure transaction import to mutual customers
  • In-product promotion to all five million+ Expensify users
  • Enhanced support for bank customers
  • Lead generation from Expensify sales team
  • Exclusive partnership opportunities including an invitation to ExpensiCon, an invite-only retreat for top partners

Businesses that adopt Expensify see a 598% return on their investment.

— Forrester Economic Impact Report, 2017 Find Out How

Benefits for Your Clients

Partnering with Expensify means reliable and secure transaction import to our mutual customers, enhancing their experience with both products. Additional benefits for your clients include:

One-click Receipt Scanning

Expenses are recorded with one click. Take a picture of the receipt via the mobile app and Expensify automatically reads and submits the expense.

Unlimited Expense/Receipt Upload

No limits on receipts uploaded or reports created or submitted. Even better, we’ll store it for you indefinitely.

Credit Card Import

Clients can automatically connect their bank accounts to import expenses incurred on both personal and company cards.

Corporate Card Reconciliation

Clients can oversee their employees’ expenses with a powerful, on-demand reconciliation dashboard that offers insight into company card spend.

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