Audit & Compliance

AI-powered receipt auditing

Automatically detect duplicate receipts, ensure accurate exchange rates, and confirm the accuracy of each transaction — all without growing your compliance team.

How It Works

See the needles, without the haystack

Expensify’s Concierge checks every receipt for accuracy and compliance, flagging any expenses that seem fishy before expense reports are even submitted for approval. All risky expenses are highlighted for manual review, leaving you with more control over and visibility into employee expenses.

Train employees with Concierge DoubleCheck

Expensify prevents accidental fraud by training employees to code, categorize, and review their own expenses. When employees submit receipts, Concierge DoubleCheck audits the transactions in realtime to detect duplicates and ensure that each receipt falls within company policy before employees submit expense reports.

Expedite receipt auditing without compromising accuracy

Once receipts are submitted, Concierge DoubleCheck verifies that employee-entered information is accurate, eliminating the need for manual auditing. DoubleCheck can be configured to review all receipts, checking them against company policy and flagging unusual activity.

Review suspicious expenses

Concierge points out every risky expense that needs human oversight, so it’s obvious where to point the magnifying glass. Expense reports over a certain amount can be routed to an auditing team or put on a different approval workflow, saving time for everyone involved.

Automate company card reconciliation

Centrally manage employee spend with Expensify’s Reconciliation Dashboard. Admins can oversee and confirm statement amounts, review employees’ unsubmitted expenses, and ensure all expenses are synced to an accounting software.

Businesses that adopt Expensify see a 598% return on their investment.

— Forrester Economic Impact Report, 2017 Find Out How
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