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How it works

Do you love Xero, but hate receipts? Great News! The Expensify-Xero integration lets you transform your receipt-filled pockets into payables in Xero!

Manage your expenses like a pro while taking the time, paper, and headaches out of your expense reports.

Import Xero Accounts

The powerful integration pulls in the company's Xero expense accounts with one click, allowing users to easily organize expenses using Expensify's mobile or web app!

Expense It with Expensify

The days of manual entry are over! Use the Expensify app to upload receipts and import bank or credit card transactions. Expensify SmartScans the receipts, pulling the merchant, date, and amount from the receipt, automatically creating an expense for users.



Card Purchases

Mileage Log

Excel Template

Time Log

Seamless Xero Integration

Expense Reports that have been submitted and approved are easily exported to Xero. Simply click “Export to Xero” and the expense reports will be converted into Xero payables.

Save time with Expensify’s bulk export. Process your entire company’s expenses with one click!

ExpensifyApproved! Accountants

Are you an external accountant using Xero? If so, register here to join our accounting partnership program. The benefits of being an ExpensifyApproved! accountant include discounts, dedicated support, lead sharing, and specialized training tailored for accountants managing multiple companies.

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