Features that go with you

Free mobile apps for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone

Never lose a receipt again! Unlimited receipt upload and storage

Organize everything with custom categories, tags, and comments


Manage and access travel plans, including real-time flight updates

Offline Mode

No service? No problem! The Expensify app works offline


Track miles manually, using GPS, or odometer readings


Log and bill time to clients using our time entry functionality

Bank Import

Completely eliminate manual entry

Enjoy our free bank/card import, which uses bank-grade security to import all your expenses daily. Even better, transactions under $75 will automatically generate IRS guaranteed eReceipts. So lose those paper receipts!


Never type receipt details again

With SmartScan, expenses are automatically created from receipt images and attached to imported bank/card transactions. No more manual entry, no stuffing receipts in a manilla envelope. Just take a picture and SmartScan will do the rest.


Spreadsheets suck. SmartReports don't.

Does your company insist on using an archaic, annoying excel template? Then track and report expenses using Expensify. SmartReports will fill out your company spreadsheet and send it to you. Need receipts? SmartReports will attach those too!


Receipts scattered everywhere?

Consolidate your receipts from the far reaches of the internet. Expensify has partnered with leading companies to make sure you can easily import receipts from Dropbox, Evernote, Google Apps, your inbox and more; all at the click of a button.



Mar 2013: $284.32

Financial insight at your fingertips

Analyze your spending across various criteria, all with full-color charts and graphs. Save your data sets for at-a-glance analytics anytime. Whether you’re a strict budgeter, a casual statistician, or you just love looking at graphs, we’ve got you.


Get paid faster

With Expensify, it’s easy to receive reimbursements via ACH Direct Deposit or PayPal. No need to wait until the end of the month to recoup your expenses. If you’re from the future but would like to be paid today, it’s even possible to receive BitCoin!

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