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Kruze Consulting, Expensify customer since 2012.

Simplified expense reporting for you and your clients

Expensify automates the entire expense reporting process so you can focus on your clients, without sacrificing the financial visibility you need.

On-the-go expenses, automated in realtime

With just a picture of the receipt, SmartScan automatically extracts all the necessary data and adds it to a report. Expenses are always on time and accurate.

Project and client-based reporting

Easily attribute expenses to specific clients and projects. Expensify makes re-billing a breeze!

Accounting integrations at no additional cost

Seamless integrations with the industry’s top accounting software means your data is always in sync, in realtime.

Full support for corporate cards

Centrally manage your team’s corporate cards, simplify expensing non-reimbursables, and gain realtime insight on company spend.

Expensify syncs seamlessly with QuickBooks, supports our web-based, paperless workflow, and offers internal controls, so it was the natural choice.

Learn why Laura Redmond of QBO Pro trusts Expensify for all of her clients' needs.

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The World's Smartest Companies use Expensify

Big and small, organizations of all shapes and sizes rely on Expensify to automate their expenses.

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