Case Study

Kaufman Rossin

Kaufman Rossin, Expensify customer and ExpensifyApproved! Partner since 2016.

At a Glance

ExpensifyApproved! Silver Partner
Previous Expense Process
  • Paper receipts
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Reimbursement checks
The Competition
  • Expensify vs. Concur vs. Tallie
Favorite Expensify Features
  • User-friendly mobile app
  • One-click receipt tracking
  • Credit card auto-import
  • Next-day reimbursement

Pre-Expensify: Paper, Staples, and Spreadsheets

Kaufman Rossin, one of the top 100 CPA and advisory firms in the U.S., used to manage employee expenses the old-fashioned way. “It was painful – our office wasted hours every month hunting down paper receipts, hand-keying expense data into Excel, and stuffing reimbursement checks into envelopes,” says Albert Primo, Principal at Kaufman Rossin.

Defining the Ideal Expense Solution

In 2016, Primo set out to find an expense tool that satisfied the firm’s requirements. The employees needed a user-friendly app for easy receipt tracking and expense coding on the go. Admins required robust functionality such as corporate card reconciliation and multi-level approval workflows that could scale with a growing firm. Lastly, the tool needed to fit smoothly into the firm’s existing workflow, which included Star Practice Management. “Star is great for time and billing, but it’s expense module didn’t fit our needs,” says Primo. “The features and functionality were extremely basic, and we needed a full-service solution that offered much more than that.”

Scoping out the Options

Primo first explored expense softwares Concur and Certify. The former assigned lengthy “homework” to the firm before offering any service, and the latter required commitment to a monthly expense report minimum. Both solutions left Primo uneasy about adopting technology that set barriers to entry from the start.

Choosing Expensify: A Win-Win for Firms and Clients

After discovering Expensify, Kaufman Rossin rolled out a trial firm-wide, soon saving employees upwards of 50 hours per month on expense management – and even more for their finance team. With efficiency on the rise across the firm, Kaufman Rossin joined the ExpensifyApproved! Partner Program to bring expense report automation to their entire client base. Today, more than 350 Kaufman Rossin employees use Expensify and recommend it to their clients.

“Our employees just take a picture of their receipts with the app, and Expensify automates everything from coding and submission to approval and reimbursement,” says Primo. “The best part? It feels so natural recommending Expensify to clients because we use it every day. A firm recommending a great tool to clients is one thing, but a firm trusting that tool enough to bring it in-house is another. We’re able to connect on a deeper level with clients now that we have Expensify in common. We share personal stories about saving time with the Expensify app and then offer high-level advice on best practices and the benefits of workflow automation. It’s a win-win.”

Kaufman Rossin
Many accounting firms have archaic internal processes, yet sell the dream of innovative technologies and progressive thinking to their clients. The most important thing you can do to gain trust and build stronger relationships with your clients is to practice what you preach.

Albert Primo

Principal, Kaufman Rossin
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